Advisory Board Transcription

For advisory board meetings, it is really important to have each and every word that is spoken in case of a possible lawsuit or litigation – you just never know when you need a past record for important record keeping.  Unlike most companies, we also offer strict verbatim transcription, which is exactly the type of transcription you would want for this type of meeting.  However, we also offer verbatim transcription and non-verbatim transcription also, not to mention unheard of rates for these types of transcripts.

At, we’re experts at online transcription services as we have been in business since 1999!  Most of our clients are from referrals!

We do not up charge our clients when they have bad audio.  You will be quoted a flat rate depending on the plan you decide.  We don’t raise our rates because we know that you will be back with more work for us and we are certain with good audio because we will discuss with you as to why your recording is not clear and how to correct it to get the best possible recording!

For your online transcription needs, please go to or contact us for the login information and password, simply fill in your company information and browse your digital audio file and to give the specifics for your online transcription service needs. No surprise fees!