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In News | on January 7, 2012

Article Published in the Athens News and the Athens Messenger

Transcription Solutions is an international web-based transcription service that was started in June of 1999. The company is located in Logan, Ohio.

eTranscription Solutions is a web-based company that specializes in transcription via audio over the Internet. They are most noted by their clients for their exceptional performance, timely turn-arounds and competitive rates, not to mention their professionalism and accommodating each client’s particular needs.

In today’s tight economy, more and more companies are searching for ways to save money and cut costs. One way they have been doing this is by outsourcing their transcription work. By outsourcing work, you only pay for someone to transcribe for you when you need them. You don’t pay hourly wages. There’s no need to pay vacation leave, sick time or taxes. You only pay a set amount per minute of audio. This enables many companies to save a lot of time and money.

Large companies who used to send representatives all around the world for meetings, especially since 9/11, are now having these meetings by teleconferencing or webcasting, saving them considerable time and travel expense. These meetings are recorded and then sent to eTranscription Solutions via audio files uploaded to an ftp site. The files are then downloaded, transcribed, and sent back to the client via email. Examples of these meetings would be planning and strategy sessions, and companies’ quarterly and fiscal year-end conference calls, wherein they report their earnings and future expectations for the company to their shareholders to name a few.

eTranscription Solutions also transcribes senate and congressional hearings for various clients. These hearings are usually webcast live, enabling them to record the hearings as they happen. The company has transcribed hearings on everything from Medicaid and Medicare, Homeland Security, the Enron hearings, military flight exercises, spectrum allocation, and much more. Other types of transcription work performed by eTranscription Solutions include research, seminars, e-learning, focus groups, interviews, and witness statements among others.

Work may be submitted to them either by audio files over the Internet (either webcasts or files loaded to an ftp site as .wav, .ram, .rm, .dss or mp3 files), call-in dictation, cassette tapes, CDs, VHS cassettes, or legible hand-written notes.

In this type of transcription, all work is transcribed and proofed with the audio by the transcriptionist. The work is then sent to a quality assurance editor who proofs with the audio, thus allowing for most inaudibles and unintelligibles to be worked out. The editor then sends the document to management for a final review and emailing to the client.

Since it’s beginning in 1999, when Ms. Burgess began the business in her home, eTranscription Solutions has continued to grow and expand.

To be able to work from home, however, a person needs to have a structured office environment. There is a time to “go” to work and a time to “leave” work. Self-discipline, attention to detail and reliability are extremely important.

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